The God Who Speaks is an eight week video study that explores the topics of Biblical authority and reliability. We will learn how the Bible was written, came together and the true purpose of God's revelation for our lives. Join us for this new Sunday School Class that will strengthen your confidence in the authority of God's Word.  Legacy Ministry House at 9:00.

The Book of Hebrews Class is a verse by verse study group which meets in Room 101 each Sunday morning at 9:00 and is led by Pastor Jake. The group is presently examining Hebrews chapter 11, the 'Faith Chapter' of the Bible.  Bring your Bible and join the class!

Practicing Evangelism is a study on how Jesus told us to go into the world and preach the gospel to everyone. He gave this command after His resurrection before He ascended.  Now since this command of Jesus, starting with the apostles, the church has been evangelizing. Here at North Street we want to do our part.  We are a church that exists for the glory of God and we are in the middle of a city that needs Him.  That's why we (beginning April 2019) will be offering a Sunday School course on evangelism. This 4 week course is being designed to help you improve on talking to those in our community and showing them their real need of salvation in Jesus Christ.  Everyone has needs. Most people think they know what they need.  Just like the rich young ruler who ran to Jesus thinking he knew what he needed. Our Savior used a simple explanation of the law to help the man see that he didn't measure up.  That's where one can be presented with the gospel.  Teachers are Dennis Muir & Dane Kerr.




We are back in the clubhouse.  Don't forget club members, double points are on the line for the team that all learns their memory verses, brings their Bible, or can say all the New Testament books of the Bible!  Let's work together to see who will take the lead!   See you Wednesday at 6pm.


Bring your Bible, bring a friend, and bring your elbow grease. Rooted is for teens in grades 6-12. We meet from 6-8pm in the Legacy house on Sunday.  Join us for some awesome discussion about Distractions, some challenges for your faith walk, some fun fellowship, and a little bit of work. Questions? Call Katie Davidson at (724) 636-0447.


Pastor Jake leads a Thursday Night Bible Study for those in their late teens, 20's & 30's. The group meets on Thursday Nightsat 7:00 in Room 101.  The subject of Creation is the present study.  Bring your Bible and come to Room 101