Creation Links

The following links are to various sites that specialize in Creation Science

Training ETC Mike Riddle
Creation Science Fellowship

A local Organization here in Pittsburgh that sponsors the International Conference on Creationism

Answers in Genesis Ministries
Institute for Creation Research
Scientific Facts and Evolution A three volume encyclopedia on line
Creation Research Society
Creation Science Resource
Creation Super Library
Creation, Dinosaurs, and the Flood Some small but very good videos of a creation seminar
Common Sense Science Interesting site!
Koinonia House  

Sites more oriented towards "Intelligent Design"

Access Research Network  
Discovery Institute

Phillip E. Johnson is Professor Emeritus of Law at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of "Darwin on Trial". The Discovery Institute stresses "Intelligent Design".


As with all content on the World Wide Web, careful, prayerful viewing is required. Just because a site is listed here does not necessarily mean that North Street Christian Church endorses all the viewpoints of that organization. They are meant to be used as tools, and as such, all the proper safety precautions should be observed. Remember the Bereans! (Acts 17: 11)