Missions Ministry

The mission ministry serves to coordinate and develop the local, domestic and international missions outreach of NSCC.  Not only does this ministry oversee the administration of monthly support to missionaries, it also encourages sending short-term missionaries from NSCC to the various ministries supported by NSCC.  The missions budget is separate from the Church budget and is supported through 15% of the Church offering to the General Budget along with other designated giving.  Other areas of ministry include correspondence, special recognition of missionaries, prayer, furlough housing and transportation, and special missions emphases.

Missions Supported:


  •  Community Meal Outreach - Monthly:  Second and third Saturdays

  •  Light of Life Outreach - Weekly:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (11:30am-1:30pm)


  •  Casas Por Cristo - Texas:  Scott and Jonna DeWitt

  •  RVICS - Jon and Bonna Ray

  •  New Directions/Mustard Seed - Asheville, NC:  Dave and Bridget Walls

  •  One Church - Chartiers Valley:  Brandon Stephenson, Pastor 


  • Trinity Gospel Church Association of Thailand - Chiang Mai, Thailand:  Barnabas and Martha Saengsirikhun

  • OCI - Russ and Cathy Mitchell

  • Trinity International Ministries - Jess and Jesse McAlexander

In recent years, several teams, from the church, have gone to Mexico to build houses for people who are living in makeshift housing. Other teams have gone to Thailand to work with Barnabas & Martha.  In our local missions, volunteers from the church and outside of the church help with setting up, meal preparation, devotions and talking with the people who come for meal.     

Shepherd/Overseers:  Matt Eckert and Dane Kerr