Vision Purpose Statement

VISION   North Street Christian Church is dedicated to the promotion of genuine Christianity. Because of the times in which we live, we desire to exist as a beacon of the Light in a dark world. We will deliver a positive, biblical message and influence in our community. The Great Commission keeps us vertically focused. The regeneration of the lost and the revival of tired Christians keeps us horizontally focused. We will strive to meet the spiritual needs of every generation.


North Street Christian Church exists to:
- Present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all who will hear, leading them to make a personal decision to accept Him as Savior.
- Produce obedient followers of Jesus Christ by teaching His Lordship for the life of every believer.
- Commit His followers to the study, understanding and application of His Word to every day living.
- Engage each follower in ministry thereby advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth.

In doing so we will strive to:

§          Forthrightly be a people of prayer and praise

§          Boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

§          Major in the faithful preaching of the Bible allowing it to speak with authority

§          Be motivated by a passion for the lost

§          Intentionally educate and train believers to do ministry

§          Purposefully send and be sent into the whole world to advance the Kingdom of God


 We are committed to:

    Prayer first in everything
    The Bible as the Word of God
    Expository Preaching of the Word
    The pattern of the New Testament Church
    The proclamation of the Gospel
    Engaging in worship that is fresh and genuine
    Building Strong Families
    The discipleship of children and teens
    Being heard as a moral voice in the community
    Reaching out beyond our doors and congregation
    Biblical Counsel to resolve people’s problems
    Affecting culture with Biblical truth
    Being involved firsthand in World Missions
    The practice of sincere, authentic Christianity
    Every member ministry
    Offering God our best