what kind of church are we?

We are an Expository Bible Church, which means we are setting forth the meaning of the text and covering all of it. At North Street we preach exposition for 6 main reasons.

1-It’s the example we see in the Bible

2-It establishes the authority of God over those hearing

3-Christ is the Head of the church

4-The Holy Spirit works in accordance with the Word of God

5-It shows submission to Gods Word

6-It gives people the only real source for help

The Word of God is our source of truth. It is written by a perfect God and is therefore a perfect book. When a soul is truly searching for meaning it is the truth that satisfies. The Bible gives those thirsty souls the truth, so we preach it. We know that man’s words have no power, they can’t save anyone. But God’s words do. The Bible also, sanctifies the believer, (John 17:17) it equips the saints, (2 Tim 3:16-17) and it matures individuals. (1 Peter 2:2) Never forget, while there is a possibility that you will fail, there is no possibility that scripture will. Fall in love with the word of God, it is life changing and life giving.