The Word of God is an Extension of God

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The Bible is one of my favorite topics. I love the text. Therefore, I get excited with every reminder in the text at how great the text is. Our text today is a great reminder of the necessity of God’s word in our life. In preparation for today’s sermon, I was looking at passages where the Bible claims its sufficiency. I spent some time in Psalm 119. This one chapter in your Bible gives scripture the following attributes: Righteousness, Truth, faithfulness, unchanging, eternal, pure, inerrant, and more. If you think about those attributes, they belong to God. So scriptures claim for itself is that it reflects the character of God. That is a must if it’s truly God’s word. God’s words can’t contradict God’s nature. Peter emphasized the eternality of scripture at the end of chapter one. It’s an extension of God himself. So, it’s all the things it claims to be. Scripture can’t lie. That understanding should make you hungry for the word of God. You should desire the word and what it says. This is one of the reasons we are such a Bible-heavy church. We trust scripture, crave it, and know it leads to growth.