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Psalm 118:22-26 is a Psalm of rejoicing at the Lord’s triumph. Verse 22 says “the stone which the build-
ers rejected has become the chief cornerstone.” This is the work of God and leads to the salvation of
His people v.23-25. Verse 25 specifically is a cry for salvation, “Yahweh, save! Yahweh succeed!” All of
that leads to v.26 the rejoicing over the one who comes to save. “Blessed is the one who comes in the
name of Yahweh.” That is the exact phrase that the Jews were shouting as Jesus comes into town for
the final week of His life. They lay palm branches and coats on the ground before Him and quote from
Psalm 118:26. The people were proclaiming that Jesus was the Messiah. They were shouting in antici-
pation of victory as they raise their voices and declare Jesus the one sent from God. Luke 19:39 tells us
that the Pharisees rebuked this and wanted it to stop. They understood what the claim was. But Jesus
tells them that if the people didn’t shout it the rocks would. It was the right proclamation. Jesus is the
Messiah coming into town to save His people. However, the people’s shouts change drastically by Fri-
day early morning. You see they wanted a savior, but they wanted it done their way. Jesus wasn’t here
to do things according to the people’s plan but to follow God the Father’s plan. Many people today are
like the crowd welcoming Jesus to town. They love the idea of a savior, but they want that savior on
their terms. The crowd wanted a king, but they weren’t willing to see a beaten and bloody servant as
that king. In application to us, unlike the crowd that day we can’t come to Jesus on our terms. The Bible
doesn’t give us terms to work with. We are dead sinners that must die to self completely. Love the
bloodied, beaten savior that took your place under the wrath of God, and live for Him.