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I look forward to starting the book of 1 Peter with you. We will begin that series on February 5, just two weeks from today. 1 Pe-ter is Peter’s first inspired letter to the church. It is written at a time of persecution when the church is being blamed for the burning of Rome. Nero was responsible for setting the fire to the city, but he quickly passed the blame onto Christians who were already hated because of their association with Jews. As this time of intense persecution was happening, Peter writes to en-courage and strengthen those believers in their sufferings. Peter doesn’t promise them that life will get easier throughout this book. He knows the persecution is great and it seems to be increasing, so he encourages them to suffer well and live victoriously through it. One simple way to summarize the book is Peter calls them to remember. In the midst of your suffering, remember the salvation you have, remember your testimony before others, and remember that Christ will return and reward His people.