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From the beginning of the church on we see a group of men who are Elders, doing the decision-making for the church. You could split your Bible up into the church of Jerusalem, the Pauline churches, and the non-Pauline churches and you would see every one of these all being led by a group of Elders. To establish ourselves as an Elder led church is Biblical and we want to be a church that follows God’s word. I know that when things are changed, people have questions. Ask those questions. We want you guys to be informed and excited about this change. We want our whole church on the same page saying “God’s way is the best way.” But I do want to squash a preconceived idea that many seem to have upon hearing this new setup. An Elder led church is not excluding people from ministry. Ephesians 4 makes it clear that Elders are to feed the flock so the flock can do the work of the ministry. While the Elders will have to meet and discuss issues, the people of the church will be encouraged and free to do ministry.