Killed by the Father

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We have been looking at the cross of Christ and seeing the sovereignty of God throughout the Lord’s death. Everything happened exactly according to the plan of God. When we look at the cross and talk about substitution, Christ is the substitute. Christ is willingly taking the punishment for sin, but it’s God the Father who is delivering the wrath. God the Father is the means behind Christ’s death on the cross. God put Jesus there willingly to bring many sons to glory through Him. It can be hard to hear that God is the one that killed Jesus on the cross. But ultimately it’s God’s just nature that allows Him to be a justifier. God deals with sin accurately, but He doesn’t deal with us according to our sins because they were already paid for in Christ. God is perfectly righteous, and in His righteousness, He wiped us clean by crushing Christ. We must rejoice at God’s perfect plan and Christ’s willingness to carry it out.