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Two weeks ago we saw Jesus providing for His mother’s future needs from the cross. He perfectly fulfills the command of honor your father and mother. This left me thinking about Jesus’s calling of His own. In Matthew 10 Jesus said that He “has come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother.” Jesus, isn’t exactly sentimental in how He describes our earthly relationships. Jesus says we may need to leave them, be against them, and have them as our enemies. He really spelled out the importance of Himself over family. We must see that this isn’t a call to be disrespectful to parents or anyone, this is a call to utter devotion. When one sees Jesus for who Jesus truly is, they have to realize that everything changes. Including all relationships. When one becomes a follower of Christ, it strengthens and deepens the relationship with other believers. Family becomes “those that do the will of God” according to Mark 3:35. It also has the ability to completely shatter relationships and set natural relationships against each other. But His calling takes precedence when Christ has all of one’s allegiance. In following Jesus He has to be more important than everything, and you honor Him over everyone.