The Suffering Savior is also Selfless

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I have been studying the cross very purposefully these past few weeks. In doing so, I continue to be amazed at where Christ’s attention is. Jesus is focused on the Father’s will, on the fulfillment of scripture, and even on the comfort of His followers. His focus seems to be on everything but his own anguish. The selfless way Christ died is an example to all believers of how to live. We are called to live looking out for the interests of each other as Christians. No woman wants to see her son in pain or agony. Here Mary stands watching her son Jesus die. She raised Him and knew better than anyone that He was sinless. As the sinless savior was dying, He purposefully makes provision for His mother. The cross shows Christ’s concern for others enough, but this elevates it and helps us see the selfless way we should live in all areas of life.