Conscience, Feed It & Follow It

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John Owens once said, “If you want to kill sin, load your conscience with the guilt of it.” What he meant was that your conscience is a key to holiness. Christians are called to be holy as Christ is holy. Your life as a Christian matters. It’s your conscience that warns you of the spiritual collisions that you are headed for. Just like pain warns of a problem in your body, the conscience warns of a spiritual failure. One sharpens the conscience or loads it with the guilt of sin by letting the word of God shine through it. Your conscience is like a window that lets through the truth that is being exposed. The more you fill your mind with the truth of scripture, the more your conscience will warn you of oncoming failure. Your behavior follows your belief. What you believe about God moves your conscience as it lets the truth of the Word shine onto our situations. The Christian must learn to heed the warning. Don’t turn off your conscience. Feed it the truth and follow it.