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Luke 24:45 says “Then He opened their minds to understand the scriptures.” This is a passage that takes place after the resurrection of Jesus. He appears to His disciples and they are startled thinking they saw a spirit. But Jesus proceeds to tell them who He is then opens their minds to understand the scripture. I was thinking about this passage this week as a preacher of the scriptures. I have a role (and technically you do as well) of teaching the text. I’m humbled by the fact that many laborers deliver the text of scripture, but it’s only Jesus that can open one’s mind to understand the scrip-tures. I can deliver a message to your ears, but it’s only God who can allow that to penetrate your hearts. In our study and our worship, let us sit at the feet of Jesus Christ and pray earnestly that he would illuminate the truth to our dull minds. Marvel at the fact that the almighty God of everything is willing to reveal Himself to us.