Our ministry plan for people: Saved, Sanctified, Serve

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Are they saved? This is the first question we ask for everyone that walks through the doors of North Street Christian Church. We aren’t here to make people comfortable, we want to show people how desperately they need Jesus Christ. If someone is not a Christian we go into evangelism mode and this is our goal with that individual. If that person is saved, we move on to step 2: How am I helping them continue to be sanctified? Becoming like Jesus is an ongoing process. We use weekly Bible studies and various gatherings to get opportunities to teach scripture. Sanctification is the work of the Holy spirit in a believers life, and the Holy Spirit works through the Word. The more we can properly teach Scripture, the more growth we will see from believers. Maturing believers are to be serving believers! When one is saved by God, they are gifted by God. Ephesians 4:7-16 helps us see that the church is to function as a body, with each member doing their part. We want to see believers using their God given gift to be the church.