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Today in John 12 we see a major difference in attitude. Mary gives us an amazing picture of devotion where Judas gives us a picture of deceiving. This look at Judas throughout the week had me studying his life. What a tragic character. The worst in all of history. Judas has the same opportunity that the other eleven apostles had. For three years he followed and listened to Jesus Christ daily. But unlike the other apostles, he becomes a tragic waste of opportunity. Judas was walking with Christ and yet following Satan. It reminded me that people can be very near Jesus and still miss him altogether. Judas knew the truth but he never received the truth giver. Christianity is not checking the boxes. Many people go to church, help others, even enjoy the message of the Bible, but they never embrace the savior. From this we need to learn that spiritual opportunity can be offset by selfish ambition. Die to self and submit to the savior.