The Disappearing Preacher

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There is no shortage of preachers available to the listening ear today. You can access preaching from other states and even countries in seconds. Things like YouTube have allowed us to follow any teacher, anywhere. One of the things I have found helpful for myself in taking in content is what I call the disappearing preacher. The preacher’s job is to exposit the text of scripture and allow God’s word to speak accurately and clearly. The disappearing teacher does not interpret the text based on his situation but teaches the text outside of himself or the surrounding circumstances. God’s word is written. The truth and its meaning, which will stand forever, has already been given. We don’t change that meaning based on what’s happening in society. The preacher isn’t to interpret that text with his style or situation giving it meaning. A real teacher of God’s word views himself as a servant of Christ, a simple steward of the mysteries of God (1 Cor. 4:1-2). When the preacher gets that right, he disappears and people come to hear the word of God. Therefore, when you are listening to preaching, look for the preacher to disappear and the true meaning of the text to shine.