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As I watch other churches/pastors do things, I am continually reminded of the importance of loving God’s word. I don’t mean the continual utterance of someone saying they love scripture. I am referring to love for scripture that recognizes the text as from God, and therefore the highest authority. The driving factor to the teaching here at North Street is a love for the Word of God. There is no feeling like studying God’s word and the Holy Spirit illuminating its meaning, to where one can confidently say they understand this message given to us by our sovereign creator. This is why as we study together. I have you open your Bibles, follow the text with me, and I don’t tell you what God’s word says I show you. Loving scripture and understanding it as the authority in one’s life will change lives. When we learn to love scripture we can begin to correctly love God and people. For the next several weeks as we look at people-to-people relationships in Matthew 18, my goal is to show you what God’s word says. This isn’t the easiest section of the Bible to tackle together. But because of a love for scripture, we will tackle it together and see the blessings that follow from doing things God’s way. Thank you all for your role in this church and for allowing me to let the text do the preaching.